Digital Marketing Audience Targeting Layering

As you may already know, boating and fishing are some of the largest outdoor recreation activities in the United States. Many boating manufacturers have wait lists to fill the demand for boats as the hobby has surged in recent years, hitting the highest sales numbers since 2008. Locating the right demographic for your particular product may seem challenging, but with the use of third party data providers, Marine Marketing Solutions can help you find your audience, increase sales, and track your ROI.

In the past, the average boat owner age has been 58 years old. More recently a younger demographic of people have entered the recreational boating market, with the average age of a new first time boater now being 46 years old (1). points out some valuable statistics in boating for 2022 (2):

  • New boat sales surged 40% during the Covid Pandemic
  • 100 million Americans go boating each year
  • 11.9% of U.S. households own a recreational boat
  • Millenials make up 31% of boater demographics
  • Americans spend $49.3 billion on boats, marine products, and services each year
  • Open powerboat is the most popular type of boat in the U.S
  • Average boat in the U.S. is operated 54 days per year

Being familiar with statistics like these and buyer trends is important to running a successful digital marketing campaign. Whether you are running Google Ads, Programmatic, Event Geofencing, Competitor Geoframing, or Social Media, it is important to narrow down your audience. Marine Marketing Solutions can help you layer your campaign with the right locations, demographics, online interests, and more.

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