What is Geoframing?

Most professional marketers us at least one form of location-based targeting for their digital advertising. Much like Geofencing, Geoframing collects mobile device IDs from users who have entered a predefined location at a specific time and allows you to target them later on after they have left. Think of it like website retargeting, but instead of delivering ads to consumers who have visited your website, you are delivering ads to people who have visited a specific location.

With Geofencing you are delivering ads to users while they are actually at the event, with Geoframing you are delivering ads to users after they have left an event or location. This can be considered more effective because the user may be more engaged when they are in the comfort of their own home rather than at a large event.

The technology that Geoframing uses also collects this data within a particular time period. This means that Marine Marketing Solutions can “go back in time” and collect an audience from an event or location from several months ago.

Geoframing uses longitude and latitude data to focus in on a specific area, right down to the metered square, at a determined time and date range. It does not require cell towers and users do not have to opt in to see your ads. Like other programmatic campaigns, potential customers will see the ads on the websites they visit and apps they use. This includes both mobile and desktop.

Some of the main benefits of using Geoframing include:

  • Geoframing does not rely on cookies to deliver ads
  • Allows you to target potential customers after they have left a location
  • Extends your reach at an affordable cost
  • More accurate than other forms of location-based targeting
  • Works well for retargeting and upselling

Marine Marketing Solutions can help guide you in setting up your campaign with some best practices. Ad inventory for Geoframing can be competitive as it is gaining popularity. It is recommended to increase your max CPMs (Cost per Thousand impressions) to secure your share of the inventory. Consider adding targeting layers to make your audience more narrow. Keep your frequency cap at at least 3-4 impressions per 24 hours to keep your customer’s attention.

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