Implementing Geofencing into your Digital Marine Marketing Strategy

Geofencing is an affordable and easy way to dip your toes in the water with digital marketing in the marine space. With Marine Marketing Solutions as your strategic partner, you have the ability to target your specific demographic at marinas, boat shows, your competitors place of business, and more!

Here are a few different ways to use geofencing in the marine industry:

  1. Target potential customers who are at your competitor’s store

Run a digital marketing campaign by geofencing competitors encouraging their customers to pick you over them. You can continue retargeting them in the days that follow so that you can stay on top of their mind throughout the entire buying process.

  1. Target shoppers at your own store

With geofencing, you can show ads that nudge potential customers further down the sales funnel. Tempt them with a special offer to get them talking to a salesperson, rather than clicking on a competitor’s ad.

  1. Target potential new customers at other locations

You can run your company’s geofencing campaigns anywhere.

Get creative with your marketing campaigns. Does your company sell luxury brands? Target a high-end marina. Is a boat show coming to town? Geofence the area while the event is happening.

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