Super-charge your maritime marketing in 2023 with geofencing

Where are your boating customers? Near the Great Lakes? On the East Coast? The coast of Florida? Boat shows? Marinas? Literally thousands of potential customers are waiting in key locations for you to deliver your ad campaigns using geofencing digital marketing technology.

Imagine this: A potential maritine product or service customer is fueling up at their local marina. While they wait, they pull out their phone to check the weather and happen to see an ad from your company offering a better price for a product they’re after. “Interesting!” they think as they finish fueling up.

Over the next several days, they see more targeted digital ads touting the benefits of your products or services. Before long, that customer is convinced your product is better than your competitor. They drive to your shop or visit your website that weekend to purchase exactly what they need – from your marine-based business.

After purchasing your product, conversion software tracks the checkout process letting our reporting software know that someone who saw your ad has now made a purchase, thereby helping you prove the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising.

This is called geofencing, and it really works. Allow us to introduce you to this up-and-coming marketing strategy for your maritime-focused company.

What is geofencing?

Geofencing is a useful form of location-based advertising, targeting potential customers within a certain geographic area.  Learn more about what Geofencing is HERE. This means you can select a target area on a map to focus on where your ads will be showing up to people. And once someone has seen your ad, you can proceed to retarget them with other ads in the coming days, weeks, or months that follow.

Once you’ve already served someone one of your geofenced ads, you can retarget the device they were using when they clicked on your ad as they go about their lives even if they were on vacation on the other side of the country when they saw your ad in the first place.

 Not exclusive to geography.

Geofenced ads aren’t exclusive to geography or customer location. They’re versatile in that they can be layered onto various digital targeting options to ensure that you’re reaching your sought-after audience.

For example, geofencing marine dealers could include boat and yacht shopping data from primary third-party data providers like Oracle, a Marine Marketing Solutions strategic Partner. This means that you could target someone at your local hardware store who is also in market for products or services similar to yours.

 The changing world of marketing.

If you’re still on the ‘fence’ about geofencing, here are few reasons on why to consider using it:

  • Relevance – Reach out to people with the right content at the right time.
  • Reach – Ability to connect with potential customers in both apps and browsers
  • Track – Track how effective your campaigns are.
  • Demand – Locate your demographic audience who demand your product.
  • Cost Efficient – Geofencing does not require a large budget to deliver effective marketing.
  • Time Efficient – Implementing and tracking geofencing campaigns is quick and easy.

 How to get the ball rolling with geofencing.

Your customers crave relevant and modern marketing. Geofencing can be your secret weapon to reach people where they are digitally, as well as where they are physically. Marine Marketing Solutions helps hundreds of companies like yours run custom ads to precisely targeted locations, and we can help you prove your ROI so you know your geofencing campaigns work. Click Here to learn how to implement Geofencing into your marketing strategy.


A huge part of the growing popularity of geofencing is due to the continuing improvements in mobile and geographical technology. If there were ever a time to capitalize on this form of marketing, now is the time to be an early-adopter, before every company out there has incorporated location-based digital marketing into their advertising mix.